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Q Shield Asia Pacific Pte Ltd and Q Shield™


Q Shield Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Q Shield Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, Singapore is the exclusive distributor for Quiesco Technologies Group, UK for the ASEAN region. Q Shield Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, Singapore manufactures, markets and distributes Q Shield™ Skin-sanitizer, Surface Cleaner and Bio-fogging.

Q Shield Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, Singapore is committed to helping reduce the Bio-load and Bio-burden for not only healthcare workers but all, so as to improve the overall level of hygiene, health and wellness in the region.

Q Shield™

Q Shield™ is a new concept in skin sanitation and surface disinfection. It is a New Standard in Hygiene with Persistent Technology™. The active chemical 3-TSP has the most effective broad spectrum microbial kill of any hand/ skin sanitizers available today.

However, the most important difference with Q Shield™ is that it is persistent. In independent laboratory testing, Q Shield™ has proven to continue to kill bacteria and virus for a long period of time – for almost 3 days on the skin.

For an individual, this difference is tremendous, as there is always an antimicrobial layer ready to kill microbes that come into contact with the skin. The Q Shield™ barrier cannot be washed off from your skin, and frequent hand washing with or without soap is encouraged. And as with all anti- microbial technology, reducing the bio burden on the skin before the active chemicals get to work allows the chemicals to work more quickly and more effectively.

Q Shield™ originates from UK almost 10 years ago and has been widely used by UK's NHS staff, private hospital groups, food processing plant, child care centre and more recently, in the mines' shower-rooms in South Africa as a surface cleaner, disinfectant and for controlling spread of diseases. Its applications is unlimited. Q Shield™ has also proven to be more cost effective, safer to store and is safe for handling food and babies.

Q Shield™ contains highly purified water, ethyl alcohol (to stop the product from freezing) and the active ingredient is an organosilane quaternary compound which is environmentally safe.

How Q Shield™ works

It is a disinfectant that uses a new generation of silicone polymers and proven Quaternary Ammonium Compounds to prevent and inhibit microbial infestation. After being applied and allowing a few seconds until air dried. Q Shield™ will form an invisible layer of protection on the skin that bonds securely after it dries and continues working long after application.

It cannot be washed off and will not lose or have its killing action diminished after washing. Indeed it is recommended that you continue to regularly wash your hands as this removes the dead microbes and exposes the surface of Q Shield™, ready to deal with the next infestation.

Microbes are killed physically by the polymer's surface composition, which acts like a sword that skewers and ruptures the microbes outer cellular wall, killing them on contact. This is a process called lysis. This mode of action is physical, rather than chemical.

Features and Benefits of Q Shield™

  • No loss of efficacy; antimicrobial action does not get depleted
  • Has physical rather than chemical mode of action
  • Once dried on skin, it is non toxic and chemically inert
  • Non flammable, colourless
  • Does not leach, cannot be absorbed by skin
  • Does not stain skin or clothing
  • Gentle on skin
  • Inhibits hand to hand germ transfer
  • Prevents re-infection
  • Encourage to continue washing hands; only comes off by abrasion and exfoliation
  • Safe for handling food and babies