China – ahead of the world in infection prevention
21 Mar 2017

It has long been known in the medical/ infection control industry, that China leads the world when it comes to hand cleanliness and prevention of transmission of viral type diseases.  It is no coincidence that Hong Kong was the first place in the world to produce a study on the transmission of Swine flu last year.  Even though it was one of the last areas to suffer from an outbreak, they take such matters so seriously, they want to study and understand them so they can STOP the spread, not just treat it.  In the west, the focus was on treatment, not prevention, it was almost accepted by the political medical elite that infection spread was inevitable.  Millions of doses of Tamiflu were purchased by governments, even though it had been shown to have little effect.  Many people would not take it as they experienced horrible side effects, worse than the disease. Not so in China and the far east, the emphasis was on prevention of spread.  China spent less than a 3rd of the UK on treatments, even though they have many times the number of people living there.

Many healthcare professionals will not use alcohol based hand sanitizers for many reasons, but mostly because they know they do not work.  The NHS has spent hundreds of millions of pounds on alcohol gels, which have not been proven to reduce infections.  Prisoners get drunk on alcohol hand-gel. Many Muslims can’t even use it. Alcohol hand-gel should be “a thing of the past”, which is exactly what is happening in China now.

So what are we doing in the UK to learn from China?

Healthcare experts gathered in Harrogate last week for a conference hosted by the Infection Prevention Society, the leading medical conference in the field of infection control.

Groundbreaking research was presented to the conference that suggests alcohol-based hand cleaners are no longer the most effective first line of defence in infection prevention.

Alcohol-based hand gels have several significant drawbacks, which have led manufacturers to invest heavily in finding a safer, easier and more effective hand sanitizers.

One such manufacturer is Q Technologies Group, who have set themselves the task of leading a “hygiene revolution.” This revolution has already started in China were Q Shield hand foam has recently passed through all regulatory requirements.

Q Shield hand foam, based on new “micro-polymer’’ technology, has been proven to demonstrate superior protection against the swine flu virus, and is unique as it delivers long lasting anti microbial protection compared to alcohol based products which stop working as soon as they dry.

Charlie Pillans, the company’s Managing Director, developed their water-based hand-foam that actually out-performs leading alcohol hand-washes in killing and preventing the germs which cause swine flu and hospital superbugs.

Mr Pillans says “Alcohol hand-washes have run their course. They are no longer the most effective products. Nurses complain of dry and damaged skin caused by alcohol hand gel, prisoners are getting drunk on the stuff, many Muslims can’t touch alcohol and, to top it all, it isn’t even very effective when you consider that it stops working as soon as it evaporates – which is almost immediately.”