India Times Exposes Mobile Phone Hazard
21 Mar 2017

In March 2012, the India Times published an article showing how serious a hazard the contamination of mobile phones in hospitals is.  In Delhi Dr Bansal read this article and decided to investigate further.  He was surprised to see how much a potential health hazard to hospital patients the contamination of the phones is, and he set out to research the most effective way of dealing with the problem.  In the course of his research he discovered the latest technologies that are being employed in Europe to deal with the problem of bacteria and viruses in hospitals.

Dr Bansals research uncovered the very latest technologies, that not only deal with the contamination on mobile phones but also the contamination of the hospital buildings, operating theatres, wards and the hands of staff working there.  Dr Bansal’s clinic in Delhi is now the first clinic in India to implement the new system.  Evidence from leading hospitals in the UK who have also invested in the new system shows that Dr Bansal’s clinic is now the cleanest clinic in India to have surgery in.

The system introduced from Europe is known as Q ShieldTM, and it instantly kills hospital superbugs then creates a hygiene shield to stop their return for up to a year.  Andrew Kemp of Q Bio Technologies, explains why it could be the answer to the India’s prayers

A ‘miracle mist’ which instantly kills hospital superbugs and then lays down an impregnable hygiene shield to stop their return for up to 12 months.  It is now transforming the infections nightmare grip on the germ ridden UK hospitals and clinics.

Its launch in the UK at a private hospital on the outskirts of Leeds comes at the end of years of research and experimentation by clinical hygiene expert, Andrew Kemp, and researcher, Charlie Pillans, who have made it their lifetime goal to find a cost effective and super durable method for combating the scourge of superbugs like MRSA and C.difficile.

The mist, known as Q ShieldTM, is now treating surfaces in Dr Bansal’s clinic in Delhi.

“Evidence shows we have found the ultra safe and long term effective answer to the major problem of poor hygiene and rampant superbug infections in hospitals all over the world today,” says Kemp, a former hospital operating theatre services manager and specialist advisor on infection control. “We have even had confirmation in the past few days from the Malaysian Government’s laboratories with whom we are working that it is ultra effective against the dreaded H5N1 bird flu virus. The Miracle Mist really does deliver total peace of mind for every possible area of the medical community.” The various chemical components in Q ShieldTM are all well known to scientists and infection control experts alike – but Kemp says it is the ‘secret formulation’ of the chemicals by his team at the UK based Q Bio Technologies which is the key to its ‘amazing’ germ and bacteria beating performance.

Upon being sprayed or wiped onto any surface, whether steel and melamine, or curtains, soft cushions and bedding, Q ShieldTM instantly kills any germs and superbugs lying there. It then adheres to those surfaces and, via its component polymers and silica molecules, forms a virtually indestructible chemical bond or shield which repels any future bacteria or infectious germs and bugs.

“It delivers near instant peace of mind for doctors, clinicians and administrators alike in terms of infection control in hospitals. Once an operating theatre, clinical ward or any high volume hospital area has been fogged with Q ShieldTM then it is germ failsafe for 12 months or more, explains Kemp.