UK leading the way in prevention of the spread of the new SARS virus through ASIA
21 Mar 2017

A revolutionary product used in some British Hospitals to fight infections for the last 3 years has now landed in India and Hong Kong.  The product known as Q ShieldTM has been used in Hospitals such as the Yorkshire Foot Hospital and the London Cosmetic Surgery clinic since 2009 with fantastic results.  First used in India at the Bansal Hospital in New Delhi (the first in the group of 16 hospitals to have their operating theatres “bio fogged”) six months ago, Q ShieldTM has already made a massive difference to the surgical outcomes.  Dr Sachdeva, Head of surgery for the group of hospitals stated “we already had very good outcomes from our surgical centres, since introducing Q shield into our busy operating theatres we have had no infections at all”.  I have never known anything to have such an effect.  The operating theatres are about to have their 3rd treatment of the Q ShieldTMbio fog as high impact areas like operating theatres require re treating every 3 months.

Hospitals, clinics and dental clinics, hospital kitchens and restaurants in India and Hong Kong are queuing up to be treated with this amazing new system.  Dr Anita, the senior microbiologist and head of infection control for the Fortis group of hospitals (the 2nd largest group of exclusive private hospitals in Asia) said “the Q Shield hand sanitizer makes it so much easier to keep the hands of our staff clean in our hospitals, we can’t believe it actually saves us money too”.

Marcus Sierient (from Leeds) the Managing Director of Bio-Klenz, the specialist cleaning company that introduced the products into India says “we are expanding at an incredible rate in order to meet demand. Our biggest problem is we are always looking for new staff to train how to bio fog the hospitals.  To be honest that is the biggest barrier to sales we have at the moment.  Demand is so high there is a waiting list to have operating theatres and ICU areas fogged.”

With infection rates plummeting in hospitals that begin to use the products, Andrew Kemp the Chief Executive of Q Technologies Group, the company that manufacture Q ShieldTM said “even we have been surprised by the results.  We thought at the start that this must be some kind of fluke.  We knew we had produced something very special, but until it actually went into a working hospital it was difficult to know exactly what the results would be. Charles Pillans the Managing Director of Q Medical Technologies the company that distributes the products in the UK stated “We knew the results would be good, but we couldn’t have predicted this”.

The Q ShieldTM product differs from any other products available today, in that once coated, a surface becomes anti microbial (kills dangerous bacteria like MRSA and viruses like Bird flu) for months and in some cases years.  When used on the skin it remains in place for over 24 hours and will not washing off.  It also kills bacteria and viruses that alcohol gels and standard detergents won’t touch.