Persistency in Infection Control

Q Shield™ Hand Foam Sanitizer (Skin Care) 
Q Shield™ is available in 50ml and 100ml bottles

  Q Shield™  can be taken through airport security in hand luggage**

  Q Shield™ eliminates microbes

  Q Shield™ is hypoallergenic

  Q Shield™ does not build or increase antibacterial or antimicrobial resistance in pathogens on repeated              or prolonged use

  Q Shield™ Is protected by Patent and is FDA approved

Our 50ml and 100ml bottles are ideally suited for use when traveling.  Both our 50ml and 100ml bottles can be taken through airport security in hand luggage.

Should you wish to receive further information on these products please let us know.

** 50ml and 100ml bottle sizes

Q Shield™ Q Shield™Surface Care Anti Microbial Protection

The problem with even the big named brands of hard surface cleaners has always been that no one ever knows when the surfaces have become contaminated by any dangerous microbes.  Washing surfaces with bleaches or disinfectants has always been good advice, but both are limited in that they provide little or no ongoing protection against re contamination.  Without the ongoing protection that Q shield offers, there is no real protection – worse still in the case of disinfectants, a recent study showed 85% of people using disinfectants thought that the disinfectant they used gave lasting protection.  This could be dangerous if people believe they are protected, it may mean they do not take as many precautions, stop washing surfaces as often as they should.  In fact once the bleach or disinfectant has dried there is little or no residual effect.  If it has dried too quickly it may not have killed all the microbes on the surface (depends on the air temperature and amount used), in which case your surfaces will begin to re colonise immediately.

The best defence against microbes including flu viruses on surfaces is to have the long term effect given by Q Shield.  That means regular treatment of Q Shield will keep surfaces free of microbes.  This advice is particularly important for people such as pregnant women, children and elderly.

Until recently bleaches and disinfectants were the best and only option, however there is now Q Shield which lasts 24 hours.  This new hard surface cleaner provides real protection provided it is used regularly and at the recommended intervals will give long lasting real protection.

Q Shield has proven to be more effective than regular use of bleaches and disinfectants, is safer to store and causes less problems.

Q Shield is more cost effective than bleaches and disinfectants in use and will kill microbes for between 24 hours and one year providing protection against re infection from touching contaminated surfaces for all that time.

Q Shield™ Bio Fogging System

Q Shield bio fogging system and surface treatment is a revolutionary application which provides an invisible coating to virtually any surface. This coating provides the most affective persistent, non leaching antimicrobial agent available today.

Q Shield bio fogging can be utilised to not only clean a contaminated room or area but to continue to provide protection against infection causing micro organisms. Applications include MRSA/ C Diff infected wards, Swine flu infected A+E cubicles/ ambulances as well as providing the cleanest saftest operating rooms for orthopaedic surgery, cancer surgeries and clinics.

Due to the persistent effects of the Q Shield system, the coating continues to work untill such time as the surface is physically damaged. The application of Q Shield bio fog or surface treatment to any surface including steel, melamine, curtains, soft cushions or bedding, kills bacteria, viruses or fungi present. The difference between Q Shield and other products available is the unique blend of chemicals which allow it to  adhere to any surface.  The component polymers and silica molecules form a virtually indestructible chemical bond or shield which kills bacteria, viruses and fungi that come into contact with the treated surfaces.

Once an operating theatre, clinical ward or any hospital area has been treated with Q Shield, it becomes a hostile environment to microbes for 12 months or more.