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Q Shield Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, Singapore is the 

manufactures, markets and distributes of Long Lasting and Antimicrobial Skin-sanitizer, Surface Disinfectant products.

Q Shield Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, Singapore is committed to helping reduce the Bio-load and Bio-burden for not only healthcare workers but also improve the overall level of hygiene, health and wellness in the region.



Infection can spread through a few ways – either directly from an infected person to a susceptible person where there is a physical transfer of the micro-organisms or indirectly when the susceptible person comes into contact with a contaminated surface. Throughout the day, one will definitely come in contact and touch a bed, tables, chairs, door knobs, handrails, washroom surfaces, cutleries, trays, cups, computer keyboards, buttons and knobs of electronic devices, office desk-top, phones, vehicle seats, steering wheels and many more.

These surfaces are contaminated through air-borne micro-organisms, contaminated droplets or even vector-borne (insects and animals) - including flies, mosquitoes, ticks, cats, dogs, rats and other. It could be from an infected person who happens to touch the surface just before the susceptible person does.



In most cases, it has been observed that cross infection is from surfaces to hands. Advice from the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) who have been highlighting that hand hygiene is the most effective way of preventing any diseases spreading. Frequent hand washing is probably the single most effective and simplest method. With anti-microbial soap and water, it is deemed even more effective.

Then comes alcohol-based gels and liquids; convenient and fast acting, especially when water is not readily available



Microbial soap leave a residue of active compounds that target bacteria - but it won't get rid of all of them, nor will it know which ones could make you sick. Similarly, alcohol evaporates fast, does the job of killing but there is no protection after it dries up. The microbes have all been removed at the time of use, however there is still nothing present to stop recolonisation as soon as another contaminated surface is touched.

Sanitizers with high alcohol content is also not suitable for some as it may cause dry skin and lead to cracked skin. Also it is a pose as a hazard as it can easily be flammable when near any open flame like barbeques, candles and lighted cigarette butts.

Q Shield give long lasting real protection create more cost effective.

Q Shield Persistent Technology 持久性消毒技术

Q Shield is a new concept in skin sanitation and surface disinfection. It is a New Standard in Hygiene with Persistent Technology. The active ingredient 3-TSP has the most effective broad spectrum microbial kill of any hand/ skin sanitizers available today.

However, the most important difference with Q Shield is that it is persistent. In independent laboratory testing.

Q Shield originated from UK over 10 years ago and has been used in UK private hospital groups, schools, child care centres, clinics, banks, commercial buildings, basically any venue where the protection from infection is required.

Q Shield has also proven to be more cost effective, safer to store.

Q Shield contains highly purified water, ethyl alcohol (to stop the product from freezing) and the active ingredient is an organosilane quaternary compound which is environmentally safe.

How Q Shield works 核心作用

It is a disinfectant that uses a new generation of silicone polymers and proven Quaternary Ammonium Compounds to prevent and inhibit microbial infestation. After being applied and allowing a few seconds until air dried. Q Shield will form an invisible layer of protection on the skin that bonds securely after it dries and continues working long after application.

Indeed it is recommended that you continue to regularly wash your hands as this removes the dead microbes and exposes the surface of Q Shield, ready to deal with the next infestation.

Microbes are killed physically by the polymer's surface composition, which acts like a sword that skewers and ruptures the microbes' outer cellular wall, killing them on contact. This is a process called lysis. This mode of action is physical, rather than chemical.

Features and Benefits of Q Shield 特点和优点

  • No loss of efficacy; antimicrobial action does not get depleted
  • Has physical rather than chemical mode of action
  • Once dried on skin, it is non toxic and chemically inert
  • Non flammable, colourless
  • Does not leach, cannot be absorbed by skin
  • Does not stain skin or clothing
  • Gentle on skin
  • Inhibits hand to hand germ transfer
  • Prevents re-infection
  • Encourage to continue washing hands; only comes off by abrasion and exfoliation

Effectiveness 有效性

Q Shield’s effectiveness has been verified by Lab, For more information about our test results, please inquire here: