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Q Shield products are made of 75% highly purified water with small amount of Ethyl Alcohol (only 13%) and the patented formula 3TSP.

This new technology helps Q Shield to kill bacteria while having low consistency of alcohol. Therefore, it won’t dry out your skin as it is very gentle on all skin.

The active ingredients 3-TSP has the most effective broad-spectrum microbial kill of any hand/skin sanitizers available today.

Unlike others, Q Shield continuous protection withstanding hand washing up to 24 hours.

The special ingredient 3TSP acts like a “sword” that ruptures the microbial’s outer cellular wall. Q Shield creates an invisible layer of protection and prevents recontamination of virus after it dries up. Whereas, alcohol hand gels disinfecting ability to kill bacteria ends once the product has dried on the skin, and significant increase in contamination over time.


No. Q Shield bonds to the top layer of the skin and it can last 24 hours even with mild handwashing.

Frequent hand washing will not reduce or diminish its killing action to protect.

In fact, we encourage you to wash your hands often as it removes the dead bacteria and viruses from your skin.


  • Hand Foam Sanitizer

Simply dispense 2 doses of foam onto hands and massage well until dry.

  • Multi-surface Disinfectant

Cover surface with light mist.

Using dry cloth spread to coat entire surface for maximum protection. Allow to dry.

Yes. According to NEA, Viruses may survive on surfaces of different materials for at least 2-3 days. As a result, direct contact with potentially contaminated surfaces may play a role in the transmission of the virus.

To prevent viruses transmission, it is encouraged to clean and disinfect areas that are frequently touched using Q Shield Multi-surface Disinfectant.

No, it is not recommended. This surface cleaner is intended on a hard and non-porous surface.

For hand and body, it is suggested to use Q Shield Skin Care Hand Foam Sanitizer.


It must be store in a cool dry place with minimum temperature of -20C and maximum temperature of +50C. Do not put under direct sunlight.


It is for external use only. Contact with eyes must be avoided. In case of contacting, flush thoroughly with water

The average shelf life of hand sanitiser is somewhere between two and three years. Expiry date will be printed on the bottle.

Recent research from the University of Alberta, Canada, Q Shield products with the new 3TSP technology have a rapid and significant effect on the viability of SARS CoV-2 that deactivates and complete destruction of all viral load within 60 seconds.





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